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Optimal ICT solutions that are simple, totally client focused, and fundamentally transform your business connectivity outcomes for every situation. Every time. Guaranteed!

In an industry characterised by internally focused Telcos and IT Vendors offering only the pre-packaged products that best serve their own massive infrastructure demands, a beacon of hope has emerged, an agile disruptor: The Ultimate ICT Disruptor.

It’s a rarity for a business or enterprise to experience the joy of an optimal ICT solution to suit their specific needs, wants and desires that is entirely vendor neutral and infrastructure independent. And just as importantly is simple, easy, more cost-effective and works!

By putting our clients first, CommsChoice is unrivalled at doing precisely that.

Our single-minded focus on serving clients through unrivalled capability, reliability and understanding of your business creates high trust and more enjoyable long term partnerships.

Beyond improving choice and reducing risk we’re also a driving force in helping our clients grow their businesses by delivering healthier financial and service value and better decision making.

And the real beauty of being a change agent is that we have successfully cracked the code of low cost, global scalability with a simple but powerful model, leading edge technology and a client centred culture that traditional providers find impossible to replicate.

At CommsChoice we are absolutely focused on being the most attractive alternative to traditional self-serving ICT providers.

And we are well equipped to do that given our global centre of excellence, our ability to deploy ideal cloud based services anywhere and anytime, and given we are creating high engagement, high value client partnership hubs staffed by real experts across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.

By making CommsChoice your preferred partner for all your ICT connectivity needs globally we will stand by, and uncompromisingly deliver on our brand promise every minute of every day:

We provide optimal ICT solutions that fundamentally transform the way business connects.

Our clients enjoy massive improvements in their business connectivity igniting their growth

Unique IP that guarantees vastly superior results

At CommsChoice we are a proven alternative delivering a comprehensive vendor neutral managed ICT solution globally – we call it Adaptive Connectivity as a Service, or ACaaS.


ACaaS is unique and comprehensive methodology that yields the optimal ICT solution for every client, every time. Guaranteed!

Through our world-leading approach, we optimise how each of our clients connects, their telecoms, and what they connect to, their IT. This is truly unique, and powerful!

ACaaS makes everything easier, simpler, more reliable and faster for our clients … meaning significantly better value in time and money.

Adaptive Connectivity beautifully applied

Our dynamic application of Adaptive Connectivity as a Service across three key practices delivers a highly effective integration of all your ICT products and services.

CommsAssure quality data and voice

The seamless integration of high quality managed data and voice solutions.

Includes: Market leading SD-WAN services; multi-carrier Fibre, Ethernet, NBN, ADSL & Wireless data services; multi-carrier VoIP, SIP, Inbound, ISDN & PSTN voice services; supply and full lifecycle management of multi-vendor Firewall, Router, Switch, WiFi, cloud and on premise IP PBX, IP Handset, Headset & ATA equipment.

CommsMobilise total mobility management

Secure and predictable access to everything, anywhere and anytime on any device.

Includes: Market leading Unified Mobility Management services; multi-carrier Mobile Voice & Mobile Data services; supply and full lifecycle management of multi-vendor Mobile Handset, Tablet & Repeater equipment.

CommsConnect advanced communications

The harmonious unification of cloud and software for flawless connectivity.

Includes: Market leading Unified Communications services; multi-vendor Cloud Video; Cloud Security; Cloud Gateway; Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Feel joy not pain with Adaptive Connectivity as a service

We focus on providing our clients with a distinct competitive advantage by making ICT an enabler, rather than an inhibitor, to their growth. What we’re able to achieve demonstrates this fact.

What our clients say

Our clients freely provide feedback when they experience the joy of a truly Optimal Solution that is personalised precisely to their current and future needs.

Wolters KluwerThe move to cloud-based unified communications was a major change management initiative for us. We were introducing new ways of working and needed to minimise the disruption to business operations. As such, we needed a partner with the right capabilities, in the right locations – this was critical for us.

– Anthony Gyford, Manager Facilities & Project Management, Asia Pacific

Global unified communications solution enhances staff mobility
Operations can now expand or move with ease
Significantly reduced telephony running costs
Client IT team upskilled to self-manage the system

The client

Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific is a global leader in information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance and legal sectors. As an award-winning innovator serving customers in 180+ countries, Wolters Kluwer was looking for a telephony solution that would support its evolving business – across the various locations.

The challenges

Wolters Kluwer needed a partner with not only cloud telephony expertise, but with the global reach to match the client’s own network of operations.

The main driver and key objective for the telephony refresh project were to remove dependency on hardware, and to provide a flexible and mobile platform that would support the business well into the future.

The solutions

The project included deploymet of a global unified communications solution, international porting and hosting of legacy, PSTN & ISDN service numbers, faxing solutions and Salesforce CTI enablement.

The transition has seen the introduction of soft handsets for all staff – with the few private offices and meeting rooms being the only exception.

By upskilling Wolters Kluwer’s existing IT team, the client can self-manage the system. As well as improving the end user experience, this means that they avoid lengthy delays in requiring a site visit every time there was an associated move, addition or change.

Significantly, it has also empowered the IT team to collaborate in finding new ways to improve the functionality to support the evolving needs of the business.

They were the only organisation with the solution we needed that also had the APAC reach and scale that was so important to us. We were impressed by their technical knowledge and energy – and we were confident they could handle a project of our scale.

– Anthony Gyford, Manager Facilities & Project Management, Asia Pacific

The outcomes

The move to cloud unified communications has introduced a new degree of flexibility in the way Wolters Kluwer’s teams work. As an organisation with a diverse geographic reach, the new platform has allowed Wolters Kluwer to realise a number of key benefits:

  • Operations that can expand or move with ease. Cloud telephony supports the business in being able to adapt quickly to change, for example expanding the number of offices based on market need, or testing new locations. With the new platform in place, all that was recently required to get a new site up and running from a telephony perspective were adequate internet links and firewalls. The team experienced no disruptions to their communications, simply moved in and logged-into their softphones as they would any other day.
  • Communications that support the mobile culture. Wolters Kluwer’s work culture is one of mobility and flexibility and global unified communications helps to make this a reality. Team members are reached via the same number and interact with the system in the same familiar way, wherever they may be working. And they are easier to reach – calls to office extensions can be also received on mobile phones.
  • Reduced cost of ownership. The move away from a traditional telecommunications model has seen telephony running costs significantly reduced. The previous bill which included hardware, maintenance, upgrades and carriage elements is replaced by a more manageable per-extension charge and competitive carriage costs – with calls between one-country locations treated as no- charge extension calls.
  • A self-sufficient model with a centrally managed platform. The Wolters Kluwer IT team manages its APAC telephony platform from one central location – handling all Level 1 support internally with CommsChoice support as needed. And, with ported numbers from several different carriers through to the Global unified communications solution, there is just one point of ownership and responsibility – a single platform to manage multiple sites and countries.

Sheen GroupFor the first time, we feel we have a system that is enabling, rather than inhibiting, business. We are getting advice we can trust, we’ve been able to cherry pick the best products and services, and we have a clear roadmap for the future.


Seamless ICT integration across 27 locations
Single point of contact for entire solution
Optimised for cloud based management systems
Clear roadmap for future expansion

The client

Established in 1969, Sheen Group has become a leader in the smash repair industry and one of Australia’s leading panel beating networks. While the Sheen Group now covers all of Victoria thanks to 27 locations (including two towing depots), they remain a proudly family-run business. That family-centric sentiment is evident in the commitment to customer service – putting people first, repairing vehicles to the high standards their customers expect.

Serious in their commitment to be a good community partner, the Sheen Group proudly partners community and charity groups to improve the lives of others.

The challenges

Continuously striving to implement best practices and smarter ways of operating. Sheen Group was frustrated and challenged by:

  • Inefficient and disparate telecommunications systems
  • Inflexible and inadequate support from the incumbent telecommunications provider
  • Poor advice and lack of engagement from account managers
  • Lack of decent internet services to support cloud based management systems
  • Inability to access cost effective solutions that would enable reliable access to communication and critical applications. 

Sheen Group had a mix of telecommunications products and services that were not being actively managed or meeting the current or future requirements of the business.  The existing carrier agreement lacked flexibility and included high minimum spend amounts.  Sheen Group looked to engage an independent partner who could:

  • Provide clear and concise advice on available technologies
  • Ensure that all the services were fit for purpose both now and in the foreseeable future
  • Supply wide range of carrier and service types to ensure customer centric solutions
  • Service and support all sites regardless of location
  • Could take ownership and responsibility of the complete supply process from initial scope, ordering, delivery, implementation, billing, support and account management. 

The solutions

The Sheen Group was provided with independent advice on its entire mobile, fixed and data services across all operations, including detailed user requirements.

For the first time, they had a clear roadmap to optimise the service delivery of telecommunications, along with impartial advice on telephony system migration projects.

With CommsChoice, the Group now has a single ICT partner to supply and manage the complete implementation and ongoing delivery of their entire network’s telecommunications and data services.

The outcomes

The painless and seamless migration of the entire telephony system to the best fit for purpose products and services.
Independent, vendor-neutral advice, and a fully optimised and integrated ICT solution.